On the Water

About the Boat

You will be going out on a 2008 22-foot Pathfinder Tournament Edition​. The boat is docked at the Bass Pro Shops World Wide Sportsman Marina on the bayside off Mile Marker 81.5.

Unfortunately, there is no bathroom on board, but we will typically be fishing within 15 minutes of a bathroom wherever we are, so just ask the captain if you need to go!

On the Water

What We Will See

Backcountry Fishing in the Everglades, reef and wreck in the Atlantic and Gulf, eco tours to Alligator Lighthouse, Islamorada sandbar, and others. Just ask the captain! Night Fishing for Shark and Tarpon.

Everglades Alligator Lighthouse Atlantic and Gul Islamorada Sandbar

On the Water

What We Provide

Rods, reels, tackle and bait.

A place to store your catch in a 65-quart Rtic Cooler with plenty of ice and storage space for whatever drinks you’d like to bring. There is also another small cooler if you would like to keep your sandwich or other snacks cool.

Water, Safety equipment, Fishing licenses for all on board, Fish cleaning, fileting, and bagging, The fish!

On the Water

Can I bring my own cooler on the trip?

Yes, if you have a small cooler you would like to bring on the trip, that’s fine as long as it fits in a small dry storage hatch. Please refrain from bringing any large hard, styrofoam, or soft sided coolers as they will take up precious fishing space if they do not fit in my storage hatch.

On the Water

What to Pack

Depending on the length of the trip, you should bring sunscreen, a hat, polarized glasses, a rain jacket just in case, a towel, light-soled tennis shoes and whatever you would like to eat or drink for the day. Captain Drew provides water and ice. Storage is relatively small on the boat so please pack lightly.

In the spring and summer months it’s recommended to wear a hat, face protection (fishing mask), long breathable pants, a lightweight performance fishing shirt, and tennis shoes or sandals.

In the winter months it’s recommended to wear a cotton shirt, jacket, jeans or heavier pants, and shoes as the wind can be much colder than you expect while going fast on the boat. An extra pair of lighter clothes for when you are fishing is also suggested.

On the Water

What should I NOT bring?

Please do not bring:

  • Styrofoam coolers
  • Spray on sunscreen as the boat will get very slippery
  • Glass bottles
  • Liquor
  • More than one or two bags as the boat is relatively small
  • No bananas on board!

On the Water

Have you ever taken a dog on a charter?

Yes! Dogs welcome!

On the Water

How many trips do you take a year?

On average, Captain Drew has been fishing 250 days a year for the last 8 years and he has done over 2,000 trips in his guiding career.

On the Water

Will I get seasick?

Captain Drew has personally never had anyone get seasick, and the waters where you will be fishing are relatively calm. If you would like to make sure that Captain Drew does not take you into bumpy waters please let him know in advance as sometimes you must cross rough chop to get to certain spots.

On the Water

Do I need fishing experience?

Fishing experience is highly preferred for anglers in pursuit of tarpon, redfish, snook, and permit. However, Captain Drew will demonstrate the proper techniques for even the most novice of fishermen, and will in turn catch fish. That’s the nice thing about the Florida Keys, there’s always something biting!

Booking Questions

What is the best way to book a trip?

The best way to book a trip is by contacting Captain Drew directly via call or text 305-393-2332 or email fishybusinessislamorada@gmail.com

*Please note text is preferred as Captain Drew may not have good service while out fishing. Best times to schedule are between 5-7pm.

Credit Card Authorization is due at time of booking. Cancellation within 7 days will be a charge of $250. Cancellation within 24 hours will be charged the full amount of the trip. The credit card will not be charged unless you cancel your trip within the 7 day time frame of your booking. You may pay cash, check, Venmo, zelle, or credit card (4% fee) at the end of your trip.

Booking Questions

How do I know my trip is booked?

You will know your trip is booked when Captain Drew sends you an email confirmation with details regarding your trips. If there are any errors, misuse in spelling, or anything you are unsure about please circle back with Captain Drew for clarity.

Booking Questions

How can we pay for our fishing charter?

After your trip Captain Drew can take cash, check, credit card, Venmo, or Zelle for the balance. Cash or credit card is preferred.

Booking Questions

What is standard gratuity for our trip?

If you had a good experience and the captain met your expectations, a 20% gratuity is standard on all fishing trips.

Booking Questions

Can we book a trip last minute?

Yes! However, make sure to get in contact with Captain Drew at least 3 months in advance for prime fishing dates, although last minute bookings are fine too if there is availability!

Booking Questions

Where do we meet you for our fishing day?

Please meet Captain Drew behind the Worldwide Sportsman (bass pro shops) marina 5-10 minutes before your charter. He will be docked next to the Bayside Marina bait and tackle shop in a white 22’ Pathfinder Bayboat powered by a 200 Yamaha and a gray t-top. If you show up late, no worries! You’re on vacation and Captain Drew understands that heavy traffic and other variables may get in the way. Just let him know.

Booking Questions

What time will we leave the dock?

*The time of your trip may fluctuate based on the tides, weather conditions, and bait situation so make sure to keep in close contact with Captain Drew about any possible changes! Typically 6am, 7am, or 8am will be your start time.

Booking Questions

What if I have to cancel?

If your trip has to be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions you will be fully refunded of your deposit or you can book another date based on availability. Due to the diversity of the Florida Keys fishing, surrounding islands near the marina, and seaworthiness of Captain Drew’s boat he rarely cancels more than 5 trips a year and it’s still very possible to salvage at least a half day of fishing.

If rain or dangerous conditions are present during the time of your trip, Captain Drew will most likely give you the option to wait an hour or two if you would like. Unfortunately, not every day is full of beautiful blue skies and light winds in Florida. However, Drew will always give you the option to go or stay based on the conditions, and will make sure you are safe.

Booking Questions

What if the weather is bad?

During times of inclement weather we may be forced to reschedule or cancel charter trips. If this occurs, we will contact you personally to make further arrangements.

Booking Questions

Can you schedule multiple boats or corporate trips?

Yes! Captain Drew schedules many group trips throughout the year and would be happy to book multiple boats for you.

Booking Questions

Can you pick us up by boat from our hotel or resort?

Yes! Captain Drew will pick you up from your resort for an extra $100 depending on the location. Most of the resorts Captain Drew will pick you up from are listed below. Please request this service in advance.

Lajolla Resort
Islander Bayside
Kon Tiki Resort
Postcard Inn

Fishing Destinations

What fishing trips do you offer?

Captain Drew offers 4, 6, and 8 hour fishing charters. Based on the type of fishing you are doing and the time of year, Captain Drew will recommend what time to go is best.

7am-11am Tarpon or Snapper Fishing
11:30am-3:30pm Tarpon or snapper fishing
4pm-8pm Tarpon, snapper, or shark fishing
7am-3pm Tarpon, snapper, or permit fishing

4 and 6hr trips from
6am-10am or
Tarpon, snook, redfish, trout, snapper, tripletail, barracuda, sharks, bonefish, and permit.

4 hr. Patch Reef Fishing for snapper & Grouper
6hr. Gulf of Mexico Fishing for snapper, mackerel, Cobia, Sharks, and Goliath Grouper.
8hr. Everglades National Park Fishing for Snook, redfish, black drum, trout, and Cobia.

Trips available morning and afternoon.

Fishing Destinations

How far will we be going?

Depending on the time of year you will be fishing anywhere from 5-40 miles from the marina. You’ll be either fishing Florida Bay and Everglades National Park, the Gulf of Mexico in the winter months, or the surrounding islands, bridges, nearshore reefs, and channels of Islamorada.

Fishing Destinations

What kind of bait will we be using?

Typically, live bait is best for a successful day although Captain Drew has a large variety of artificial lures like plugs, bucktail jigs, and soft plastics. Most mornings shrimp and pinfish will be provided from the tackle store, or Captain Drew will catch pilchards and mullet on the morning of the trip. If you would like to reserve mullet for your trip during tarpon season, please let the Captain know in advance. The cost is $40 per dozen.

Fishing Destinations

What kind of tackle do you have?

Captain Drew prefers using Penn spinning and conventional reels paired with St. Croix rods and an assortment of braid, mono, or fluorocarbon lines depending on what fish you will be targeting.

Fishing Destinations

When is the best time to catch a giant tarpon?

Spring is the best month to catch a giant tarpon with April being the most popular month. However, tarpon are commonly caught from March to October with calm mornings in July, August, or September being best for multiple fish days.

Fishing Destinations

What time of day is best for tarpon?

The best time of day for tarpon is in the early morning or late evening. Captain Drew catches many fish throughout the year in the middle of the day, but having live mullet at the earliest time you can get them is best. Ask the captain to have a dozen live mullet reserved for your trip for an additional price of $40 per dozen.

Fishing Destinations

Do you offer fly fishing trips?

Captain Drew does not offer fly fishing trips specifically, however you are welcome to bring a fly rod and fly tackle with you. Captain Drew has the knowledge to easily setup your gear, but does not provide fly fishing equipment. For fly fishing specific trips, please ask the captain ahead of time for a referral.

Fishing Destinations

What does an eco-tour consist of?

An eco-tour is typically 4hrs long and will reside around the surrounding islands of Islamorada and the Everglades National Park.

Expect to see various birds from white and blue herons, white pelicans, rosiette spoonbills, cormorants, terns, bald eagles, and frigate birds. We also commonly see manatees, dolphins, sharks, sting rays, spotted eagle rays, turtles, and crocodiles.

Fishing Destinations

What does a night time lobstering trip consist of?

A night-time lobstering trip aka “bully netting” is an exciting experience Captain Drew only does in August. It’s a 3hr charter consisting of catching your own fresh lobster for dinner without getting wet! He uses powerful lights to see the lobsters walking in the sea grass and then you scoop them up with a bully net! Tons of fun for the family!

Fishing Destinations

What kind of fishing do you specialize in?

Captain Drew specializes in family fun fishing, tarpon fishing, and snook fishing but he will typically give you a choice of the best options depending on the weather, tides, and time of year. The main goal is safety and catching fish!


Do I need a fishing license?

No! Captain Drew buys a blanket license every year for your convenience.


Is there a bathroom on board?

Unfortunately, Captain Drew does not have a bathroom on board, typically clients just hang it over the side. Captain Drew provides environmentally-friendly toilet paper if need be. Also, you will most likely be fishing within 15 minutes of a bathroom wherever you are so just ask the captain if you need to go!


Are the bugs bad on the water?

Some parts of the year (April-September) you will run into mosquitos and horse flies when fishing near Islands. Although it’s not common to get swarmed by bugs, It is always suggested that people wear pants instead of shorts in case you come across them. Captain Drew also has a can of bug spray in the boat at all times if needed.


How many people are preferred on your trips?

1-3 people is the preferred amount on trips, however the boat fits up to 4 people not including the captain. It is an additional $100 for a 4th person.


Do you offer trips other than fishing?

Yes! Captain Drew offers sight-seeing, eco-tour, night lobstering, and a combination eco-tour, light fishing trip.


What times of year are better for certain fish?

Most species can be caught year round in the Florida Keys although some times are better than others.

Snapper- Year round with September-December being the best months for larger fish.

Snook- Year round with the coldest days December-March being the best.

Tarpon- March-October with fish caught sporadically year round although April is best for large tarpon, and August or September being best for smaller tarpon.

Redfish- Year round with October-February being the best months.

Speckled Sea Trout- Year round with the best months being between October-April.

Permit- April, May, July, and August. Although we catch them year-round as well.

Goliath Grouper- Year round

Barracuda- Year round

Sharks- Year round

Spanish Mackerel- October-February are best months but we catch them year round.

Cobia- December-April are best.


If we would like to bring home some fish for dinner, will you clean it for us?

Yes! Captain Drew will clean your fish nicely and place it in a ziploc bag at the end of your trip.


Can we take our fish to eat at a restaurant?

Yes! There are many great restaurants that will cook your catch for you with some of Captain Drew’s favorite recommendations below.

Lazy Day s- a beautiful Oceanview for some “lazy days style” fish dusted in Panko bread crumbs and a key lime butter sauce that is to die for! Highly suggested for families with picky eaters!

Habanos Oceanfront – Fried, Blackened, or Grilled fish Cuban style with Rice, Beans, and vegetables for those who prefer a healthier choice.

Shrimp Shack- Blackened Fish Tacos

Chef Michaels- Let Chef Mike prepare you a 5-star dining experience with your fresh catch. Based on what kind of fish you bring, the Chef will recommend the best preparation for it. Great for a romantic night with your significant other. Make sure to reserve a table well in advance!


What fish can we eat?

Snapper is some of the best tasting fish in the Florida Keys and most popular among many others. You may also keep sea trout, tripletail, black or red grouper, mackerel, and pompano.

**Please Note: Captain Drew prides himself on sustainable fishing practices and will not be keeping redfish or snook. Whatever you’d like for a meal or two we will keep and the rest will be let go.


Can we have our fish mounted?

Yes! Captain Drew works closely with Grays Taxidermy and can facilitate mounting the catch of your life! All they do nowadays is take measurements of the length and girth of the fish, then the taxidermist will make an exact replica.


How old do our kids have to be to take them fishing?

Captain Drew loves taking kids fishing of all ages but it is preferred as a parent that you make the right judgement on what is suitable. Children 6 years and under MUST have a life jacket at all times provided by you the parent.